1. Power On Hardware

  • Power on the SQ6 audio mixing board FIRST before anything else. The SQ6 is always the first thing on and the first thing off.
  • Power on the Main power switch.  This is the power switch on the rack that also powers all of rest the audio equipment.
  • Power on the camera.  The servos should go through a centering sequence and the ethernet lights should begin to blink.
  • Power on the broadcasting PC.

2. Start Streaming Locally

  1. On the broadcasting PC, launch Open Broadcaster Software (OBS).
  2. In Scenes, select (SCENE) Lower Third – EasyWorship and Transition that scene from Preview to Program
  3. In OBS, under the Tools menu, launch the PTZOptics Camera Controller tool.
  4. On the PTZOptics Camera Controller, select Right
  5. On the PTZOptics Camera Controller, select the “pulpit” preset and the right camera should zoom to show the pulpit
  6. In OBS, start streaming.  Castr (simulcast provider) will need to see the video feed on the provided persistent stream key before going live.

3. 10:00 AM Prepare Simulcast

  1. On the broadcasting PC, launch Chrome and sign in at Castr.io
  2. On the Castr dashboard, launch the one simulcast named “Live Stream.”
  3. Click the “Show Metadata” links for Facebook and enter an appropriate description (ex. Sunday Worship – April 26, 2020).
  4. YouTube metadata is entered and updated at https://studio.youtube.com/. NOTE: the stream key should be like “7cg7-“
  5. Wait until 10:15 AM before proceeding.

4. 10:15 AM Countdown & OBS Stream

  1. At 10:15 AM, in OBS, transition to the Countdown scene.
  2. In OBS, click the Start Streaming button.

5. 10:15 AM Go Live

Start live streaming to have time to fix any unforeseen glitches that may arise. At this time, people will also receive notifications that a live stream has started.

  1. In Castr, click the Toggle All control and wait for both sites to connect.
  2. Launch the YouTube channel in Chrome. Anchor OBS on the left half of the screen and Chrome with YouTube on the right half of the screen.  You will want to keep YouTube visible in case the live stream stops.
  3. IMPORTANT: Check that the audio and video are now streaming to YouTube correctly.


6. 10:30 AM Service Start

  1. In OBS, transition to the main scene (no countdown).
  2. In OBS, activate the PTZ preset named “pulpit.”

7. Service End

  1. In OBS, transition to the “Thanks For Joining Us” scene.
  2. Near the end, in Castr, stop the stream.
  3. Stop the stream in OBS.

YouTube Description

Welcome to the Cornerstone Live Stream.

This message was recorded live at the Cornerstone Baptist Church in Jefferson City, Missouri. For more information about Cornerstone, please visit https://www.CornerstoneJeffCity.org

The order of service and sermon notes will be available at https://www.cornerstonejeffcity.org/paperless/

Your tithe belongs to your home church, but if you would like to give to Cornerstone you can visit:

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